March 14, 2004


Harry J. Parrish, Vice Mayor

City of Manassas

9027 Center Street

Manassas, VA20110


Dear Sir:


††††††††††† As licensed users of the radio spectrum we, as individuals and as members of the Ole Virginia Hams Amateur Radio Club, Inc., have been following the experimental licensing and claimed implementation of BPL in Manassas with great interest. Unfortunately for all concerned, we have met with a considerable lack of cooperation in attempting to establish a relationship with the parties involved and to secure opportunities to make properly conducted and witnessed measurements of the very damaging interference that BPL causes to high frequency communications.


††††††††††† Our radio club and its members have for many years provided communications for the annual Manassas Christmas Parade, provided communications for Red Cross, Prince William Hospital and other entities during times of emergency and without compensation of any kind provided our services with great willingness. It is the aspect of public service that provides a great deal of the satisfaction we receive from our avocation and is often how we are known in communities.


††††††††††† Several of our members are residents of the City. Thus, our club has an interest in the events that are transpiring in the city relative to BPL.And clearly, those licensed amateurs who reside in the City have a vested interest in this matter. A number of our membership have had the opportunity to observe instances on Weir Street, Signal Hill Road and Field Court of objectionable and harmful interference to communications. Unfortunately, those instances are seemingly a matter of happenstance rather than due to any schedule or plan. We are interested in establishing a dialogue with the parties in interest in order to create opportunities for meaningful measurements to be taken and we are asking you to exercise the powers of your good office to assist us.


††††††††††† You may consider this letter as a citizenís complaint within the meaning of the FCC regulations (Part 15) governing unlicensed use of the spectrum and as a genuine request for your help. We are seriously concerned with the gravity of this situation and its potential for damaging communications. We are also confidant that solutions can and will be found.Let us enter into dialogue and begin the process of creating communications where none exist.Point of contact for OVH is Bob Zaepfel, 703-335-1939.





Ruth Frock/KU4WH

President/Ole Virginia Hams A.R.C.

P.O. Box 1255

Manassas, VA20108