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The truth about BPL!  Manassas, VA







BPL's Weakness



By far the most devastating engineering mistake made by the BPL equipment
manufacturers was not providing a means for filtering external RF from entering their
This is a major engineering flaw with devastating consequences!

Imagine if your phone service depended on BPL, and would stop working each
time you or someone else transmitted.  Lets go a step further, what if it was an
emergency, while using a BPL phone, the call couldn't get through or was disconnected?
In my opinion, the BPL manufactures should be held libel for promoting a
knowingly flawed system!

Regardless of what filters they program, they cannot filter their input.
Our tests thus far have shown their input is wide open, and susceptible to
all near field RF 2-29 Mhz.

Case in point, if BPL in your area filtered 40 meters, and you transmit on
40 meters you will have an overwhelming effect on the BPL systems traffic.
In some cases this will require a system reset to regain data flow, and you
as the RF source, wouldn't know that you had this effect on the BPL system.

BPL's key weakness is it's uncontrollable susceptibility to external RF means!

Our test conditions: Mobile Icom 706, with Outbacker Perth, curb side approximately
                                       70ft from house, 100+ feet from the BPL pole interface.

BPL conditions: G1 and G2 (same results).
                                Output level was normal.
                                System activity was low, however we had control since we had access
                                to a BPL modem and connection.
                                Inside the home a laptop with BPL interface repeatedly downloading a
                                40MB+ file during the download traffic was very high.

All Ham bands within the BPL spectrum were filtered by the BPL system.

While the download was in progress, we transmitted a test on the following bands.
More testing is needed, however we concluded the following
Keep in mind BPL cannot filter their input!


Output Power


80M 40w

BPL data transfer stopped had to be restarted.

40M 40 & 2 watts

BPL data transfer stopped had to be restarted, even with two watts!

20M 40w

BPL data transfer stopped had to be restarted.

15M 40w

BPL data transfer stopped had to be restarted.

10M 40w

BPL data was interrupted or slowed.